How To Stop Beard Itch

beard scratchingGrowing a beard is a little troublesome for some but for people, who love to live with a full set of face hair, sometimes life does get a bit hairy, especially the ones who have a face full of hair, sometimes face the problem of an itchy beard, but a better question to ask yourself is why does your beard itch?

The Human body as we know it sheds thousands of skin cells every single day, all over the body the microscopic flakes of skin normally disperse from all over the body, though all of this goes away, the problem comes in the case of the beard. The face too sheds thousands of skin cells but if you have a beard, these dead skin cells never quite leave you, instead they just stick to your beard and over some time, they begin to itch and this is pretty much what ends up causing what we know as an itchy beard. So the question really comes up as to how you can stop it from itching? There are several different ways to stop the beard from itching without getting rid of it.

As we know dead skins stick to the beard and get close to the skin to cause the itch, this can be solved by simply keeping your beard clean, Although you can use traditional soaps and shampoos to clean it, many of them come with hints of wax on them which in turn will end up clogging up the pores in your skin and cause your skin to go dry, this is a problem since it will most definitely increase the itching and quite simply, make it much worse, to overcome this, there are many soaps and shampoos available in the market that are specifically for the beard, many of these products have special oils in them that help soothe the skin and remove the dead skin cells and prevent flaking.

618_348_slough-off-dead-skin-how-to-grow-a-beard-from-scratchLike the hair on your head, your beard needs to be treated and conditioned as well, untreated beards normally develop problems which will first affect the tip of the beard and then eventually move downwards to the root where it will cause problems under the skin and effectively slow down the process of growing the facial hair, to overcome this, there are products available in the markets to heal your beard, there are even conditioner problems to help in conditioning your beard and keeping it in top shape throughout.

Another way to keep your beard healthy and well is to simply moisturize it, to do so you can simply buy beard specific oils in the market which are pretty useful, not only because they stop the itching, they also provide a great shine to your beard and the oil is easily absorbed by the strands which keeps it healthy while also providing a little bit of weight to it as well, if you don’t fancy oils, even beard balms can do the job.


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